Did Slavery End in 1865?

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I do not believe that slavery ended in 1865, or that it has yet to end today. In 1865, the thirteenth amendment was passed it stated that slaver and involuntary servitude were illegal. While slavery may be deemed as illegal, it still occurs in our modern times, just as it did in the 1800s. This can be seen across our time in exampled such as how blacks were not allowed to vote even after emancipated, triangle shirtwaist company fire, and the way in which we treat those in other countries who are employeed by American companies today.
Fredrick douglass himself said after African americans gained freedom, that they were not yet free until they had a say on the ballot. America was said to be a
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We are forcing them into labor because it is the only way to receive a “decent” wage where they are from. We then force them to give up things such as time with their family or pursuing an education by forcing them to work a multitude of hours, and the word overtime is one that is unheard of. We continue treating them like slaves by forcing them to live certain ways, such as forcing the women to take birth control to ensure that they don’t become pregnant and need time off. Even though they live in poverty, they are not offered any of the products which they make for us to help better their own lives. We not only watch them struggle, but force them into It by exhausting them with long work hours, and giving them barely any pay to live on. America is supposed to be the land of the free, and while these things may not happen on our soil, we are the ones orchestrating them instead of helping a country begin to develop. Even we as consumers participate, demanding the goods in which the men and women make.
Slavery did not end in 1865 with the thirteenth amendment, and I question as to if it will ever truly end. Our society is one of many needs and wants, and we do not seem to mind forcing others to be able to achieve our desires. Whether it be African americans, women or those of other ethnicities, we are ruthless in our ways. We have yet to learn the difference between what is and is not humane. Until we treat, and view all
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