Did The Big Bang Happen

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Did the big bang really happen? Many people may disagree with me, but I still believe the Big Bang really happened. The Universe had to start somehow, didn’t it? Sure people always tell me that god created the Universe and that my beliefs are incorrect. Yet, I recall the Bible saying that God created the Heavens and Earth... not the Universe. So yes, I, Tatiana believe in the big bang and nobody can change that! But ... How did the Universe begin? What is the big bang? I guess you will just have to continue reading on.

The Universe was this tiny super atom, and between 12 and 20 million years ago it exploded, creating as we know it today, the Big bang. It sent matter in every which way, and that was just the beginning of the Universe. As it was forming, nearly all of the earth was made up of this huge cloud of hydrogen. Some of the hydrogen mixed with helium and developed into stars.
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This resulted in the bigger clouds pressing tightly together, which formed the galaxies.

Back to my topic, did the Big Bang really happen? Like I said before, I think it did. First of all, we need a reason on how the world was created that isn’t religion based. Second, we have scientific proof that the big bang actually happened.

Just like I said above, we need a reason that isn’t religion based. In my lifetime (which hasn’t been much) one too many people have asked if I believed in God, just because I believe that the big bang happened. the big bang happened. I always say “Yes I believe in god, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think that the big bang happened. Sure, I’ve read the bible, and it said god created the heavens and earth. Nowhere in that verse did it say god created the
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