Did The New Deal Strengthen Or Weaken The Usa Capitalism

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Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the new deal to the American people who were affected by the stock market crash of October 1929. Many people oppose the new deal and say that it gave the government too much power and that the government spent too much money but that is not true. The new deal had three goals: relief for the needy, economic recovery from the market crash, and financial reform for the American people. It fulfilled the three things successfully and might have even exceeded expectations. The new deal had more benefits than drawbacks and was definitely a success.
Millions of people went into unemployment and had nothing. The new deal created millions of jobs, “The New Deal itself created millions of jobs and sponsored public works projects that reached most every county in the nation,” ("An Evaluation of the New Deal"). FDR’s New deal created millions of jobs through the work progress administration and civilian conservation corps. He pulled millions of unemployed men and women out of unemployment and gave the jobs. Also, a couple of his policies are still around today, like the “Social Security is still an important part of retirement today,” (“The Impact of the New Deal”). Millions of Americans still use the social security act. It created a system that gives a pension to the elderly and it also created an unemployment insurance system
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It gave millions of Americans jobs and created social security. The social security act was one the most effective and longest lasting policies created by FDR. The new deal also helped in regulating the stock market and banks. The Securities and Exchange Commission and The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation were both created by FDR and are still around today. The SEC made it mandatory for companies to provide truthful information about their company and the FDIC insured people's money in the banks. The new deal was more than successful in the short term and long
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