Did The Versailles Treaty Help Cause World War 2

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How did the Versailles Treaty Help Cause World War II?

World war two was a very deadly and gory war, one of America’s most deadly in fact. Around 80 million soldiers, civilians, and Jewish people were killed. The Versailles treaty produced German anger and humiliation sowing the seeds for world war two. Adolf Hitler was an evil man and many of the non-believers in Hitler, commanded malediction on him. Billions of soldiers died, thousands of families were affected. Versailles Treaty did nothing more than throw countries onto a trapdoor of chaos, battle, unsolved arguments.
According to the article “Map created from various sources, Document A” after the war, Germany lost many different lands the German’s had previously owned. Germany lost territories such as the Polish Corridor, Northern East Prussia, South Denmark, and Alsace Lorraine. Whenever Germany lost those areas, traveling and trading became a constant issue. A few of the countries would block oceans where trading ships would come in, and give goods or wares to Germany, but with the countries not being owned by Germany, the countries would not allow German soldiers in their land. When giving up those countries, Germany also lost many recourses. Their coal cost was taken down by 40% and many recourses that had been native to those lands had been stolen. Not all German’s gave up though, Adolf Hitler was a German man who decided that the only way to solve their sudden loss of land, was through the sword, also known as
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