Did Truman Cause The Cold War?

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Did Truman Cause the Cold War?

Scott Galati

History 1520
Professor Csizmadia
May 5, 2015

To begin, on April 12th of 1945, Harry S Truman became President of the United States. Unfortunately not everyone was elated by the turnout of the election and his victory was met with much criticism. Infact, there was great controversy over Trumans win, much of society worried that he would not be fit to lead our country. He was unaware of how to deal with foreign affairs and, knew close to nothing about the diverse network of diplomacy that predecessor Franklin D Roosevelt, was so successful at building. Also, during the same time he was elected, alliance with Russia was slowly becoming strained due to Russian activity in Eastern Europe and, over Allied policy differences towards a soon-to-be defeated Germany. Russia had no interest in putting forth democracy in the defeated Germany and only wished to continue the spread of communism. After seven years in office the republicans made remarks insinuating that Truman had surrendered 15 countries and 500 million people to Communism. Some suggested he had sent over 20,000 Americans to Korea to fight a pointless war. Thus, lead to loss of a generation of young men that could never be recovered. Many argue that Truman was a large part of the reason as to why the cold war was started, and it is also clear to me exactly how this so.
Continuing on, many high profile political activists defended Truman. Winston Churchill had
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