Did You Know That Kids Every Year Are Sent Home From School

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Did you know that kids every year are sent home from school because they were wearing “the wrong type of clothing,” for example a boy wearing pink boots or a girl wearing a football jersey? You could be curious why, or just concerned about how stupid this sounds. This is an example of gender roles and how they need to be loosened to protect our freedom of expression and our choice of how we lead our lives. The gender roles that are considered normal today could be represented as two parallel pink and blue lines, not ever coming together to form a different color. The purpose of this paper is about how gender roles have been enforced throughout time, but this enforcement has begun to become unhealthy for men and women of all ages. I…show more content…
They may think that that is what they have to look like and can lead to things like eating disorders. Some girls who usually enjoy physical activity will avoid sports and running because they think they don 't look attractive while running or playing sports. For boys at this same age it becomes a little more physical. Some boys think that when someone offends or mocks them they are forced to fight them. They might think they have to show the extent of their manliness. This stress every day could lead to certain mental health strains too. This image of manliness is created again through media and television. They see all of the basketball or soccer players and think they have to be like that or else they won 't be cool or manly. Now what about the group that don 't follow the roles and expectations? This paragraph will be about the people targeted by the “Us” group. This will be about the people with different gender roles in their house or who wear different kinds of clothes then most kids. It will address how kids could get bullied for this and even how dads who stay at home feel about what they do. One of the male gender roles is work. Did you know that fewer than 3% of kids with both parents living with them have stay at home dads? These dads fear that they will be thought of as less manly than men who go to work every day because they are not making a living for themselves. Kroger, a
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