Did You Know That The Olympics Were Originally Banished

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Did you know that the Olympics were originally banished and it took 1,503 years for it to officially return? The modern Olympics as we know it today came from the ancient Olympic games that originated in Greece. These things are basically one event that has the same name but they both have very different aspects and core values to them. This is why I chose to compare both and show both sides, so that people may be able to see the evolution of the famous Olympic games. The ancient Olympics had their own style and was very unique. Back in those days, the games were “religious celebrations that unified the states and were held in honor of the greek gods” this belief system was “shared by all people.” Furthermore, each of the “games…show more content…
"A Visitor 's Guide to the Ancient Olympics" Ebrary. March 2012. p. 154, 2, http://site.ebrary.com/lib/alltitles/docDetail.action?docID=10551242&p00=ancientolympics. There was a particular way these Olympic judges were chosen. For instance, the “Elis selections procedure” entirely involved “the election by popular vote of a group of respectable property owners” which caused the “citizens to vote tribe by tribe.” Then, all of the names were “inscribed on potsherds and placed in a large ceramic vessel.” Henceforth caused a decision to be made “of the nine judges". Faulkner, Neil. "A Visitor 's Guide to the Ancient Olympics." p.154, 3. In like manner, the contestants that participated in this events were required to undergo a long period of training, including the judges. Their training varied depending on the contest they decided to enter and one of the requirements was to compete completely nude. Another requirement was that they had to “swear that they were a freeman, of pure Hellenic blood, did not propose to win by any unfair means” and that “neither they nor immediate their immediate relatives had been guilty of any outlaw or sacrilegious act.” Bill Henry, "History of the Olympic Games," p.11, 4. In all, this is the basic history of the Ancient Olympic games. The modern Olympics is completely different than the ancient Olympics, it

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