Did the Election of 1828 Represent a Democratic Revolt of the People

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Did the Election of 1828 Represent a Democratic Revolt of the People? Despite the outcome I fully believe that the election of 1828 did in fact, create a democratic revolt of the people because of the social and political backlash that the election created. The election of Andrew Jackson as President in 1828 marked the beginning of an era known as Jacksonian Democracy or the Age of the Common Man. The changes in politics during Jackson's presidency provided various social and economic changes. Actually, political change began several years before Jackson became president. In the Election of 1824, Jackson had the most popular and electoral votes, but did not win the election. Because the vote was split four ways, he did not have the…show more content…
Also, voters and politicians now nominated candidates, rather than the political party leaders in Congress. This and other events led to a more democratic society. Jackson also gave government jobs to regular people. This was called the spoils system. He appointed people to federal jobs depending on whether they had campaigned for the Democratic Party. Anyone currently in office who was not a democratic was replaced with a democrat. This was called the spoils system because it promoted a corrupt government. He also believed in rotation in office. He wanted to make it possible for more democrats to have government jobs, so he limited a person's time in office to one term. The spoils system showed how one man was no better than another and helped build a strong two-party system.
In the two-party system, supporters of Jackson were Democrats and supporters of his rival, Henry Clay, were the Whigs. The Democratic Party resembled the old Republican party of Jefferson, while the Whigs represented the Federalist party of Hamilton. Jackson was similar to Jefferson because he opposed increasing federal spending and the national bank. He vetoed 12 bills, which was more than the total of all 6 presidents before him. One of the things he vetoed was the use of federal money to make the Maysville Road, because it was entirely in one state. It
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