Diego Run

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MY ESSAY It could be argued that some of the issues explored in Diego, run are not specific to the Bolivian population, but to all people in all circumstances. Discuss the relevance of the issues explored in Diego, Run! To people in Australia today. The novel Diego, Run! By Debora Ellis’ explores what life in a third world country is like and how it could be anywhere in the world. She shows us what poverty, child labour and the drug trade can be like; she also shows how all three of these major themes can be influenced by each other. Throughout the novel we are taken on a journey to the Bolivian country that shoes us what life can be really like when you are effected by the major themes in the book, no matter where you are or who you…show more content…
First he has to earn some boliviano to have with him in his pocket and then write a note to lie to his mother about going to stay with his father for a while. Ultimately as long as you have poverty you will have child labour and a drug trade. Family’s going through a tough time will take their child out of education to force them into child labour to earn a living for their family. No matter where you go, or where you come from, a first world county or a third world country you will soon stumble across signs of poverty, child labour and the drug trade. Deborah Ellis has written a very inspiring novel, Diego, Run! To inform us about what things are really like in today’s
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