Diego Velasquez's Expedition To Tenochtitlan

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TODAY, Hernan Cortes and his 500 men arrived in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan in 11 ships filled with horses and cannons. In 1511, Cortes joined Diego Velasquez ‘s expedition to conquer Cuba. There, he served as a clerk to the treasurer and later as Mayor of a Cuban city. (Live Science, 2013) Velasquez organised another expedition and chose Hernan Cortes as the leader but as the day came closer, Velasquez ordered Cortes not to go as he feared that Cortes would become too powerful. (Ancient History encyclopaedia, 2016) However Cortes defied the authority of Velasquez and carried on with his expedition to Tenochtitlan, aided by a native woman named Malintzin also known as Marina or Malinche who spoke both Spanish and Nahuatl and could translate

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