Dies Drear Book Report

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Welcome to the very first post of this blog...and the only post we have so far! As we all know, we have the book club projects that are due every quarter...along with our Passion Projects. My book club's name is Team Mystic(after the Pokemon) with teammates Jaqueline Nucamendi, Justice Flora, and Javon Jenkins. Every quarter, our teacher, the wonderful Mrs. Custer, chooses a book for the whole class to read. After we finish reading the book, we have to explain what we read through a creative project such as a skit or a song. Since the theme of this first quarter is slavery (Thinking Like A Historian), we read the book "The House of Dies Drear" by Virginia Hamilton. Let me just say that this book is definitely not something that I would read on my free time. The story takes place during the year 1968.…show more content…
The house is said to be haunted by Dies Drear and two slaves who were killed by bounty hunters. The third slave ran away. The neighbor, an old man named Pluto lives in a nearby cave who acts fishy, almost like two different people. Weird things start to happen to the family like them finding 4 triangles(which the slaves used to use) which makes a Greek cross and the kitchen covered full of flour when the family was gone. Thomas thinks these are the acts of Mr. Pluto. After the incident of the kitchen, however, Thomas and his dad run in the middle of the night to Mr. Pluto's cave, thinking he caused the mess. After finding a secret passage in the cave which is full of jewels and valuable artifacts, Thomas and his dad realize that their were two
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