Diesel Engines Are The Best

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My dad and I have always argued about which type of engine was better. My dad thinks that gas engines are the best. I think that diesel engines are the best. The diesel engine has a better design for all around usability than a gas engines. First, the weight of diesel engines are on average is 1,100 pounds. The engine has to be built stronger, because the compression ratio is a lot higher. As it runs, the pistons compress air to an extreme heat, and as it reaches top dead center, the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. The fuel being injected directly in the hot air results in a highly destructive explosion that drives the piston down creating power. In addition, it makes the iconic diesel knock sound. Gas engines are built weaker because the compression ratio is lower. If a gas engine had the same compression ratio as a diesel, it would not even start to run because it would blow up at idle. The gasoline engine has spark plugs that ignites the fuel. They don’t need to compress air to an extreme heat like the diesels do. As the pistons travel up, the air-fuel mixture is introduced into the combustion chamber. The air fuel mixture just sits there for a split second, and then the plug sparks and ignites the fuel. This is why the gasoline engines are lighter than diesel. In addition, the weight of a diesel engine also effects the usable power band. The power band is at what rotation per minute (RPM) the power kicks in. RPM is how fast the crankshaft is spinning in
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