Diet Anyalsis Essay

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Nutrition is the science that studies food and how food nourishes our body and influences our health. In life, many people do a lot of daily events and activities that help them enjoy being who they are. People may enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the mall, going to an amusement park or simply finding relaxation in nature. However one vital part of everyones life is of eating and finding the right way to do so. Eating is a very enjoyable and delectable for everyone but should be done so, like everything in life, in a smart and intelligent way. Being smart and perceptive when eating is a large part of nutrition. Throughout the Diet Analysis Project, I was able to analyze and inspect my diet to examine what I was eating, what types of…show more content…
I will have to begin eating more carrots, egg yolk, broccoli, cantaloupe and drinking milk while doing so, to increase my vitamin A (RAE) percentage. For my vitamin E percentage, milk and egg yolk will help but I can also increase my whole-grain foods and eat some sunflower seeds and nuts to get it up where it needs to be. For my lacking vitamin D percentage I need to seriously increase my fatty fish intake—which is not difficult, due to my love of fish. Whole egg and beef liver will also both help in getting more vitamin D in my diet.

My calorie intake overall was quite low equaling one thousand. My recommended intake was two thousand. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if I was getting adequate exercise to burn the excess calories and the calories I was consuming were equal to the calories I was burning. To correct this through I will be increasing my exercise by running and lifting weights and ultimately once I start boxing for a good period of time. I just recently started so Im looking forward to the improvements I can make of that. Additionally I will need to watch high calorie foods and decrease my calorie intake substantially.

Understanding that my body needs a certain number of calories to function at its prime, I realize that when I do not eat enough, I can hurt my metabolism, lean tissue and weight management efforts. So I made sure I
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