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NUT2040: Introduction to Nutrition Diet Analysis Project 1: MyPyramid Analysis and Macronutrient Analysis (100 points) Introduction to Overall Diet Analysis Project The Diet Analysis Project is divided into 3 projects due throughout the semester. The entire project is worth 200 points – Project 1 is worth 100 points, Project 2 is worth 35 points, and Project 3 is worth 65 points. The goal of the Diet Analysis Project is for you to understand your typical dietary habits in order to learn how you can improve your eating habits to benefit your health. To do this you will keep a 3-day food record and then analyze your diet by entering the data into an online software program called MyDietAnalysis. You will use the same 3-day food record…show more content…
· Remember to write down your login name and password for later access. Setting up your profile. · After setting up your account, you will then set up your profile by selecting the “Profiles” tab. · From the drop down list next to “Profile:”, select “New” and click “Go”. · Enter the requested information and click “Next” · Answer the questions in the Activity Assessment to help determine your activity level. · Under Weight Maintenance Goals, please select MAINTAIN weight. Please do not choose a weight loss or weight gain goal. If you want to gain or lose weight you can address this in your paper, but it will be easier for you to interpret your reports if you select “maintain” weight. Recording your diet. · Record everything you eat or drink for three days in a row in the website following the data entry instructions listed below (in the next section). · Be sure to note the serving size/amount accurately. For best accuracy, weigh or measure food. · Your food record should include two weekdays and one weekend day (i.e., Thursday, Friday and Saturday OR Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). · For best results, record the item and the amount before or immediately after you eat/drink it. · Take great care to record your foods accurately. · Try to avoid altering your typical eating habits as you go through this process. It is human nature to under-report food intake, so please strive for accuracy. · Some life occurrences may

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