Diet Is An Essential And Life Changing Factor Throughout The Lifespan

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Diet is an essential and life changing factor throughout the lifespan. Elderly individuals over the age of 65 need to consider and monitor their diet to maintain a healthy weight and prevent different types of cancers and diseases. This can include diabetes and osteoporosis that are both linked to health. Because of these crucial aspects to one’s health, consumption of adequate calories plus vitamins and minerals are important. These elderly individuals in this age category eat certain foods through their assisted living facilities that give them their meals daily. These facilities are crucial to the lives of their patients. It is first important to consider their diets before deciding what to serve them each day. A living facility for…show more content…
Some dinner meals that are offered during the week are pizza on Tuesdays, sandwiches such as tuna and French dip on Thursday and Friday, and a chicken patty on a bun on Saturday. These alternatives include a hamburger on Sunday, pork on Saturday or Monday, and steak on Friday. Some desserts are available on Wednesday and Friday such as cake and pudding. Other days include fruit varieties. As a result, the scheduled meals and alternatives give a variety of availability for the residents. Due to these types of foods for the community, accommodating these residents are important to help maintain their overall health. These facilities can be evaluated to see if their meal plans can accommodate their residents for optimal health. A positive factor to the faciality is the considerable amounts of protein. This includes eggs, meats such as chicken, beef and beans. This is crucial factor for optimal health. An adequate amount of this factor is important to prevent losses in muscle and lean tissue. Vitamins and minerals are also shown through vegetables and fruits. This includes a variety of strawberries, apples, grapes carrots and green beans. Some vitamins included in these portions include beta carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. There are also high amounts of potassium evident in their amounts of baked potatoes, juices, and fruits. Having adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals are essential to

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