Diet Is The Right Fit

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This table provides a quick glance at what each diet provides.
With this information someone can choose which diet he would like to try. Each person is different and has different tastes so not everyone will pick the same one of these options. Once the choice is made based on personal preferences the person should take a few months before deciding how he feels about the diet. This amount of time is long enough for a habit to form. Habits generally take 21 days to form but this time span also allows the person to see if they get the result they want and decide what they think about it. If the person feels like the diet he choose is more of a burden but still wants to try other diets, he should go back to evaluating the information he originally found and choose another one. He can continue to do this until he found the diet that is the right fit for him and does not feel like a chore, or until he thinks it is too much of a high involvement. One of our group members showed high involvement when looking into each diet. Since it was something she did not know about she put in information to see the results she would get for each diet.
For each diet she put in her age, 21, height, 5’ 5”, current weight,145 lbs, and weight goals,130 lbs. The Atkins diet did require more information like what size her waist was, if she was pregnant or breastfeeding, no, if she was prediabetic or diabetic, no, and if she prefered a more flexible diet or a strict diet, flexible. Based on her
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