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Science and technology have revolutionized the lifestyle of man. The modern man is submerged by a world of hectic life. Everything is done very fast due to time constrain which unconsciously affected our health and fitness. On top of that, excessive workloads have reduced our time for exercises and health maintenance. Besides all these modern life’s things, millions of Americans claim that winter is the most common season for people to gain weight as the cold weather discourages outside exercise (Richards 2008). As a result, studies have depicted that more people are getting overweight every year and it has become a constant issue for millions of people. If decades ago, a person who is thin could be considered as ill but now everybody…show more content…
Slowly, they decrease the body’s defence system making an individual more prone to various types of diseases and illnesses (Thadani 2009). Although it is hard to believe, but that is the truth how diet pills can silently destroy your body. Therefore, if you want to lose your weight, it is better for you to use the traditional ways which are exercise and eat healthily (Thadani 2009). Next, beyond the fact that diet pills may be detrimental to your health, they are also not terribly effective as they only provide a temporary fix. According to Chew, diet pills may be convenient to lose unwanted body fat but it certainly is not effective for losing weight permanently (2005). This is due to the fact that the pills will only work for as long as you are taking the pills. Once you stop taking the pills, the weight will come right back (Chew 2005). How this thing could happen? When you consume diet pills, you rely solely on the diet pills without any efforts from yourself such as exercise or eat balanced food. Thus, your body are not condition to burn unwanted fat forever (Chew 2005). Besides, diet pills can also mess with the body’s metabolism making it difficult for a person to keep the weight off long term after he or she has stopped taking the pills. Since diet pills are expensive, they caused a great loss of money and frustration as

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