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I feel that the single most important concept that I learned this semester was, “You cannot out-train a bad diet.” I know that I am guilty of thinking and have heard that people exercise just so that they can eat whatever they want. I know that I have always thought if I burn hundreds of calories I can continue my bad eating habits. The other important item that goes side-by-side to this concept is that you have to have a balance in what you eat. Supertracker website really showed me the items that I was missing in my diet. It also helped me realize that I was getting way to much sodium in my diet, and I feel that this is a pretty good reason why I have some high blood pressure. I was also consuming way too much
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My daughter was recently diagnosed with an allergy to gluten. Our whole family then went gluten free, and there are a few things that I miss. Fresh bread right out of the oven has to be the best smells that feel the house. We still have those things, but we make it so that everyone can enjoy it. It doesn’t take much to say, “Let’s go for a walk?” We have a dog and it’s a good excuse to get him out every day and let everyone run-around a little bit.
We can all take this information that we have learned and we can do one of two things. We could file it in our brains and never use it again. I have done this with a few math classes that I have taken. Or, we can continue with what we have learned and keep progressing. Members of the church see things as a building block or a stepping stone for bigger and better things. We believe that we learn “line upon line,” and it’s just a step in the right direction. As for in our professional career I feel that we need to push it more than we do at home. What we pack for lunches to how long we sit idle at a desk with no exercise. Stretches and eating right to fuel the body is important to what we do for forty hours a week. Over the last couple of months I have participated in stretching and preparing meals that will give me fuel to do my job. In the end I feel that my body has responded more favorable than before. I go home and feel that I can do many more things than before. I have the energy to keep going, and
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