Diet Vs Drugs Vs Diet

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Drugs vs. Diet In our society today, pills are used to supposedly solve every health problem or fulfill all desires. Ignoring the side effects and the truth behind the pills, desperate Americans easily trust those producing the pills. Is modern medicine the solution, or is the real solution to these issues so simple that Americans believe it’s too good to be true? This topic is important to me because what let me to choosing the field of Dietetics was the realization that food can heal the body. During the time that I decided to choose dietetics, my aunt was suffering and slowly dying to colon cancer. It was clear that all of the pills and treatment she as receiving wasn’t helping her and she was certainly going to die soon. One area that the doctors seemed to have missed was her diet. I truly believe that if the doctors would have paid more attention to her diet and had a registered dietitian visit her, she would still be alive today. It’s unbelievable for me to think that we have advanced technology, but if health professionals would go back to the basics, it would be clear that diet and lifestyle are at the root of illness. To understand the importance of diet in health, one must observe the evolution of the human diet, research the underlying truth about pills, and acknowledge the key roles diet plays in the prevention of disease. The evolution of diet has gone from one extreme to another. It is believed by many scientists that the human diet was vegetarian and
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