Dietary Analysis Project On Eating Habits

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This dietary analysis project showed me how much I really do eat in a day and that everything that I do consume is not the best for my health. I think the things that may influence my eating habits are my family and friends. Both sides of my family loves to cook which usually means high calorie and high fat food. My parents always taught me to not waste food and to always eat everything I was given, even though I learned in the class later back that the habit of cleaning your plate is not always the healthiest thing to do for yourself. But, I grew up thinking this so my parents telling me this has made a huge impact on my eating habits. They also taught me how important it was to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as well. I have carried this with me throughout the years and always try to get enough into my diet. Usually, when my friends and I go out when like to go to a restaurant to eat which means we are not worrying about how much we eat and what we are eating. This has influenced my eating habits because everytime I hang out with friends, I automatically think we have to get the unhealthiest food .

I try my best to be a healthy eater in general, but at times it can get difficult. Usually if I am stressed about school or sports and if I am not getting enough sleep throughout the week, I revert to the worst foods as I have noticed. But, I really try to my best to get my recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables everyday. Since I have been…
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