Dietary And Physical Activity Is Essential Parts Of The Human Body

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Dietary and physical Activity
The way we treat our bodies is an essential part of the human body when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We used our bodies countless every day in many different forms. Eating and exercising are essential parts of the human life. But the real questions are, what foods should we eat to help our bodies to work the best? how much physical activity is needed it?. A site released back in 2011 by the first lady Michelle Obama to remain the community to build healthier choices. In this site, we are able to find different tools including a Super Tracker which “can help to plan, analyzed and track diet and physical activity”. My file includes my name Johana Fernandez, 108 pounds, 5.2 feet, BMI is 19.8, which shows that my weight is in the normal category for adults of my height. The data was collected over the period of one week in which data was reported daily. No significant physical conditions are reported based on the health history.
Locking important nutrients in my diet was one of the most serious concerns I had. Lack of nutrients can have a huge effect on body and brain performance. It works like a car if you put bad gas you car will eventually break. Eating the proper nutrients is important for you immune system, it helps to decrease tiredness and fatigue, it enhances the ability to concentrate and overall it helps you to fight diseases such as cancers.
Another one of my biggest concerns is the lack of exercising. According to…
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