Dietary Counseling As A Platform For Preventive Therapy

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Over the years, there has been an emphasis on the need to watch one’s dietary intake in the wake of the many lifestyle and sedentary diseases. As a result, many healthcare practitioners have undertaken dietary counselling as a platform for preventive therapy to many diseases. In recent times, one key area that has received extensive attention in regards to nutrition is cancer. Despite the existence of many forms of cancer, global studies in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute agree that over 35% of cancer cases have a nutritional connection. The general inference that is made is that lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet contribute significantly to the health status and well-being of individuals including the possibility of developing cancer (Peisch, Blarigan, Chan, Stampfer, & Kenfield, 2016). One recent form of cancer that has a strong dietary and nutritional connection is prostate cancer. In the American context, prostate cancer is ranked as the second leading cause of cancer-related mortality within the male population only rivalled by lung cancer (Peisch et al., 2016). Epidemiologically, the statistical inferences suggest that over 33,000 men die of the disease annually from malignant cases that are reported each year in the US alone (Azrad et al., 2012). Consequentially, healthcare practitioners have sought to establish the linkage between prostate cancer and the nutritional intake such as milk and other plant products. Indeed, there are…
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