Essay on Dietary Factors in Preventing Heart Disease

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Dietary Factors in Preventing Heart Disease As coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the UK, more attention should be paid to preventing the disease. Many patients suffering from heart disease realise that it was mainly caused by their diet. Research has shown that elevated levels of LDL cholesterol are associated with increased risk of heart disease. “ Studies indicate that for every 1% elevation in the bad cholesterol there is a 2% increase in risk of heart disease” (A leaflet on heart disease.) Continually it has been proved that a low-fat, high fibre diet rich in unrefined complex carbohydrates helps lower the risk of heart disease and improve general heart…show more content…
Benecol foods are another way to help prevent Heart Disease. The unique ingredients in benecol foods block the absorption of cholesterol into the body. “ In Finland over 1 million have eaten Benecol margarine since 1995. Benecol is the first and only range of foods to contain plant stanol ester.” ( All Benecol foods contain plant stanol ester, a unique ingredient derived from plants that has the ability to work with your body to actually lower blood cholesterol when eaten as part of a healthy diet. Benecol has a range of foods that are easy to include in your diet, e.g. yoghurts, cheeses and spreads. These I have noticed are readily available in shops and are not out of reach of a reasonable budget. Benecol foods taste no different to your ordinary foods. Two are three servings a day will give you the optimum cholesterol reducing effect combined with a healthy eating routine. “Once you start eating benecol foods regularly, your cholesterol levels may begin to fall within 1 to 2 weeks” ( Benecol does have one downfall, if you stop eating it, the cholesterol your blood

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