Dietary Guidelines : 7 Nutrition Secrets Every Healthy Entrepreneur Should Adopt

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7 Nutrition Secrets Every Healthy Entrepreneur Should Adopt
By Nate Anglin | Submitted On March 29, 2013

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Expert Author Nate Anglin
When you hear 'healthy entrepreneur ' does it sound like something magical, unattainable by you?

Most of us have felt this way, but it 's definitely attainable. The only problem is your stuck with this scenario.

It 's 6am and you 're already stressed. You have payroll, marketing, HR and one heck of a sales order to get out by 11:00am. Not to mention your sales meeting at 3:00pm and the dinner with a client at 6:00pm. You get home and your day finally ends at 10:00pm.

As business professionals we dive in so deep to our business that we tend to neglect almost everything else, especially our health. We always think about our health last, but shouldn 't this be on our daily priority list?

I once heard a great saying "What 's the most important thing in your life? Your life! Without you? You have nothing. What 's the hardest thing to do in life? Maintain it.

Becoming healthy entrepreneurs isn 't some dream.

It can be easy and an inch of guidance will bring you a mile of results.

Nutrition for entrepreneurs is still…
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