Dietary Habits Have Been Influenced And Changed Throughout The Years All Over The World

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Dietary habits have been influenced and changed throughout the years all over the world. Diets impact one’s health drastically, and could affect lives in the long run if not taken seriously. From observation of those experimenting with different dietary habits, such as the “cleanliness” of going vegan or cutting out the carnivorous acts of eating meat by going either vegetarian or piscatorial, they are malnourishing and depriving themselves of the vitamins and proteins an all-around diet such as a paleo diet can provide. Health and Fitness magazines boasts about how much cleaner one’s body can be if they were to just stop consuming meat and ate only natural vegetables, are neglecting the danger the person can be in if they began to involve themselves in intense physical activity. Society deserves to know the true and false myths behind each type of diet such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and the standard western diet. Although, web articles and books claim to have the best diet against all others, their research and evidence are completely biased. There are tons of people becoming victim to these publications telling everything they want to hear without telling both sides of each diet. This research paper will investigate the true benefits and falls of each type of diet so that those brainwashed by commercial advertising know the truth. In the lifestyle of many people around the world, eating meat is one of the most unclean and unhealthy things to consume in our society.…
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