Dietary Intake For High Performance Athletes

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The Purpose of This Book

This book provides general guidelines to help optimize dietary intake for High Performance Athletes, and how to develop a customized meal plan to fit your daily schedule and needs. Dietary needs can vary depending on an individual’s energy expenditure, metabolism, health, etc.

More than ever, athletes need to focus on their consumption of proper food, and the right amount of calories. Proper nutrition is an important part of optimal performance while an improper diet can limit an athlete’s potential for reaching their maximum performance. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inadequate information regarding proper nutrition for athletes.

In the search for success, athletes will do anything to gain an advantage to help them reach their goals. Whether this be trying to the new supplement that promises it will make you next superstar of your sport. Most times then none, a simple change in diet will help a High Performance Athlete meet their maximum potential.

An athlete’s body must be supplied constantly with energy to perform at a high level. As an athlete’s training and competition gets harder, their body’s energy demands increase. Different energy systems in the body can provide energy as long as they are consuming the proper foods. One system totally relies on carbohydrates while another depends on carbohydrates as well as fats. FINSISH THE REST OF INTRODUCTION!!!!!!


Carbohydrates provides an important, but short-lived, supply of…
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