Dietary Intake Of Milk And Milk Products

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Research question: Does dietary intake of milk and milk products stave off cognitive decline and dementia in older adults? Thesis: It is predicted that regular dietary intake of milk and/or milk products can reduce the effects of cognitive decline and dementia and/or improve cognition in older adults compared with irregular or nonexistent milk/milk product intake. Introduction: a. Cognitive decline in older adults, and its impact i. Cognitive decline, particularly dementia, remains among the most frightening and baffling effects of aging in humans. Among the spectrum of conditions which are encompassed by the phrase, Alzheimer’s Disease is perhaps the best-known and most prevalent. (NIH Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center) ii. At the turn of the century, prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease in the United States hovered around 4.5 million cases, but it is estimated that within the next semicentury this population will swell to 13.2 million. (CHAP data, Brookmeyer, 2012) iii. With an average annual cost ranging between $41-56,000 per person, or between $157-215 billion total annually for care in Alzheimer’s patients alone, the economic strain such illnesses inflict on society is considerable. (Hurd, 2013) b. Current approaches for staving off cognitive decline • It is currently believed that numerous modifiable and non-modifiable factors comingle to establish an individuals’ relative risk of cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Beyond age itself,
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