Dietary Programs for Various Types of Lifestyles Essay

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Dietary Programs for Various Types of Lifestyles

In this task I will describe and explain the dietary programme for people with different types of illnesses and lifestyles.


The importance of good nutrition is not a new concept, for even Hippocrates who lived 400 B.C said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food". In this day and age, the issue of nutrition has become even more of important subject. At least four of the ten leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes) in the United States are directly related to people’s diet. But while the wrong diet can be deadly, eating right is among the key cornerstones of health.
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Also moderation must be taken in consideration, as eating too much or too little of any food or nutrient can cause negative effects on the body. ======================================================================

Case Study

Name of person



Person is a long distance runner ================================



Person is a body builder


Person has diabetes


Case Study One:

is a female and a long distance runner. She runs an average between five to ten miles, two or three times per week. has entered a marathon, which begins in three months and therefore she thinks she should follow a dietary regime to increase her athletic performance.

Importance of special dietary requirements:

Good nutrition is critical for a runner to excel in running and have enough energy for a race, both before the race and during a race. A long distances runner has energy requirements much more than a short distance runner. In an article on the topic of endurance in ‘The Physician and Sports Medicine’ magazine, Walter Frontera and Richard Adams, said, "During sustained exercise such as marathon running, total body energy requirements increase 10 to 20 times above resting values". Therefore long distance runners need to eat more foods rich in carbohydrates to
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