Dietary Supplements : The Various Definitions And

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Dietary Supplements: The Various Definitions and
Issues Associated with the Use and Recommendation of Use.
Jessica M. Johnson
Utah Valley University

Author Note Jessica M. Johnson, Pre-Professional Health Major, Utah Valley University Jessica M. Johnson is now enrolled in English 2020, Utah Valley University This research was done as a Student at Utah Valley University, using the University Research Website, other Online Sources, and various College Textbooks related to nutrition. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Jessica M. Johnson, 2172 Silver Tree Circle, Riverton, Utah 84065 Contact:

In this paper, I plan to debate the use of Dietary Supplements. I am particularly interested in exploring the following issues associated with Dietary Supplements: Whether or not Dietary Practitioners should recommend the use of Dietary Supplements to their clients and the effects that Dietary Supplements might have on individual health. Using mainly the work Dickinson et al. (Nutrition Journal, 2012) as well as the Work of Wardlaw et al. (2013), Donatelle (2013), and various online sources, I will suggest opposing views and eventually my own view on the issues surrounding Dietary Supplements. My logic for presenting this topic for English 2020 is: to present and define a term that raises debate in my specific field and bring attention to this term to others outside my specific field, as well as provide insight…
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