Dietary Trends : A Literature Review

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Policies of Nutritional Well-Being and Their Success to Change Dietary Trends: A Literature Review


The law of supply and demand offers an economic model that allows the market to set prices for goods. Within a competitive market, consumers can dictate the price and a company’s willingness to produce a product for that matter by their spending habits or their demand. If a large enough portion of consumers were to stop buying a product for example, this could ultimately run it out of the market. This is important to understand because this could provide an important tool to helping in the efforts for sustainability. Shifts in consumer trends within the global food market could pressure producers to alter their practices of land degradation in the effort to stay in existence. This could be applied to challenges beyond just land degradation as effective ways to create change in dietary trends can allow us to pressure any producer of environmental harm to change its ways.
One way to see this is through historical records on dietary trends of consumer purchases. To realize the potential success of this type of strategy however, there must be historical evidence of shifts in consumer trends following the increased awareness of an issue. The increased awareness in the last few decades in nutritional well-being in the United States provides a great case study to determine the effectiveness of policies/programs in changing dietary trends. If it can be seen that…

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