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Vining, V., Cotugna, N., Fang, C., & Snider, O. S. (2016) Dieting habits of men. Journal of Community Health, 41. 761-766. doi:10.1007/s10900-016-0150-5 INTRODUCTION I choose this article about dieting habits of male population in U.S because diet is always a matter of concern. We should be careful about what we eat and how we eat. The pattern of eating shapes our body and it plays an important role for the proper functioning and maintenance of the body. I have seen, read and heard about articles on female obesity but rarely on male. So, I want to know how the male population is affected by their dieting patterns. About 27.5% of the males older than 20 years of age had obesity as per the research conducted in…show more content…
They had to review a consent before beginning the survey. Data were collected via web page and the participants, who agreed for anonymous drawing had a chance to win $100 worth gift card. There were 254 participants who were from 18 to 65 years plus. Most of them were whites and they were college educated and had annual income above $50,000. Materials and Measure The survey was a cross-sectional survey and was web-based. It consisted of demographics and 50 questions that included few yes/no questions as well. The participants reported their age, height, ethnicity, education level, and annual income through the survey questions. RESULTS The survey showed the comparison between two age groups, those under 30 years and those over 30 years regarding their methods of dieting. 185 reported of decreasing the food, 55 told of skipping a meal, 163 said of reducing overall calories and 30 revealed of going to commercial programs. 77 % of them restricted carbohydrates whereas 40% and 19% of them restricted fats and proteins respectively. The participants who had normal weight, overweight and obese were interested to go for weight loss program designed specifically for men but overweight men showed the greatest interest. 60% of men had changed their eating habits one or two times, 10% of them, three to four times in average in order to control their weight. The maximum weight loss was reported to be less than 21 pounds. After losing the weight, they maintained it for less
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