Dieting Is The Best Weight Loss Mechanism For Anyone No Matter The Age Essay

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Over the years the number of people who are considered overweight or obese have increased dramatically and has become a serious public health problem. Today in the U.S. over one-third of adults are obese over overweight (1,13). This is due to many thing including lack of exercise, lack of motivation and improper diet. All of these can contribute to an unhealthy weight gain, but one in particular has given rise unexpectedly. Individuals who are overweight or obese and want to lose weight, tend to lean on exercise, dieting or combined efforts of exercise and some sort of dieting mechanism. Research has shown that dieting actually has a negative impact on weight loss because most individuals who chose to diet are doing it wrong. Less than 20% of individuals that have attempted to lose weight are able to achieve and maintain 10% reduction over a year(9). So the question being answered should be why this is so and is dieting really the best weight loss mechanism for anyone no matter the age.
Pub Med and Google Scholar were used to search for articles analyzing the effects of dieting on weight gain specifically. Combinations of the words were used including dieting, weight gain, weight loss, adolescents, adults, and elderly. Diet and weight gain was the initial topic of interest the resulted in 365 results. To further elicit unwanted articles, an advanced search was done using the same key words, but eliciting other key words like pregnancy, and adding specific words

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