Dieting Makes People Fat

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Dieting Makes People Fat Introduction/Claim Research has demonstrated that dieting, or the intention to restrict one's food intake, does not work and quite remarkably, works against the individual ultimately making them gain rather than lose weight. A new study relates that dieting serves to raise the levels of hormones that stimulate the individual's appetite resulting in the brain magnifying food cravings. The Research/Data The Work of Carver (2012) entitled "Does Dieting Make People Ft" relates "The human body is scheduled to detect hunger signals and not to diet. When we deny our bodies food, they sense that there is a risk of starvation and as a result, the hunger increases forcing the body metabolism to slow down so as to compensate for it. Once one engages in dieting, the mind overdrives, forcing the individual to eat more than usual to cover up the deprivation just suffered. This is how the body prepares itself for an emergency of famine. By the end of the whole process, one eats more than before the dieting to soothe the body and emotions (Cannon & Einzig, 1983)." (p.1) Carver additionally relates, "Most diets fail due to wrong focus. They promise big things in a very short duration to attract customers. By one trying to lose a lot of weight very fast, they expose their bodies to disarray that can worsen to shock. In most cases, these people lose weight but temporarily. The only way to permanent loss of weight is to think of long term solutions like eating

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