Dieting On Weight Loss And Weight Management

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Adrianne Sautter
SCI 354B
T/R 7:30PM
8 June 2015
The Effectiveness of Dieting on Weight Loss and Weight Management Dieting has been a staple in today’s society for as long as we can remember. Everyone wants to be model thin, have the body of a movie star, or have the muscles of a body builder. It is nothing new that people want to improve their appearance and their overall health by losing a few pounds, but with all of the “trendy” diets it is hard for people to know what is actually good for their body. Dieting is not just about working out until you cannot work out any more, it is actually more about what we consume that helps us lose weight. In this paper I will talk about some of the mistakes people make while on a diet, behaviors that will lead to weight loss and some of the ways that people can keep the weight off once they have lost it. Overall, however, it is the motivation to lose the weight and to keep it off that will ultimately determine whether or not a person accomplishes their weight loss goal. More likely than not we have all committed one of these common mistakes when it comes to keeping our weight in check, but they could be the reason why people are not losing any weight. According to an article in Nutrition Action Healthletter, one of the prevailing mistakes that people believe is that the weight they gained over a holiday will be easy to lose if they return to their old routine. 1 Essentially if, say, someone gained four pound over the Thanksgiving…
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