Dif-Ferent Political Ideologies

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What are you watching, dad?" I incessantly asked my father. "Shhh, dear, it's politics, too com-plex for your age." I shrugged, for it certainly wasn't. Despite being at the unripe age of fourteen, there was nothing I enjoyed more than sitting on that beige couch every evening at 8:00 pm and watching my favorite show-the news! Whether it is the profound reality I engulf myself in while inquiring about politics or the global correlation it harnesses in me, I do not bother questioning my passion. All I know is that I am a political entrepreneur who is perceptive and interrelated to the world! What fascinates me the most about this subject matter is how every individual has a unique standpoint, one that is so skillfully invulnerable that it seems…show more content…
Nowadays, ideologies are what drive the world around. “To understand the world today; it is essential to understand the conflicting ideologies that are at the heart of many conflicts and so much political debate.”(Sargent, 1) They are extremely significant and can define every person’s agenda and propaganda guiding their political actions and shaping their lives. Studying the dif-ferent political ideologies is about analyzing thoughts and reflecting on issues. Every person iden-tifies himself or herself with a specific ideology and without understanding it, it would be hard to be part of it. Hence, there are many ideologies and theories that we come across in our daily lives, yet the most fascinating to me are feminism, democracy and Islamic ideologies: feminism because I believe in equality between men and women; democracy because I believe in a gov-ernment for the people, of the people and by the people; and, last but not least Islamic ideologies because I am Muslim and I am stereotyped all the time. Thus, I thought it would help me to comprehend their core values. These three ideologies intertwine with some of their core tenets yet they differ in…show more content…
I am sure there is no greater pursuit than that of equal voice, to be heard. Democra-cy marries the people and the government to coincide and cooperate, to make the country equal and free. “It is rumored that a Chinese student at the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy rally held a poster that read, ‘I don’t know what democracy means, but I know we need more of it.’ In fact, democracy is a concept with a variety of potential meanings, and it is not simple to grasp or define.”(Dalton, Shin and Jou, 143) In a democracy, the government is the spokesperson for the people and the needs they would like to be met. The government is a group of people in the state who have the ultimate authority to act on behalf of that state. A democracy is a state in which citizens vote to choose the best candidate. Democracy requires an attitude of mind, a be-lief that every citizen has the right to a hearing, a sense that no doors are closed to talent and en-ergy. Democracy is a political system for choosing a government through free and fair elections; it is the active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life. Moreover, democ-racy focuses on the protection of human rights of all citizens and laws that are equally applied to all
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