Differeces in Colleges in the US and Cuba

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There are a lot of excellent colleges around the world, and all they were meant for giving preparation to everyone who wants to become in a professional. I had a college experience almost 10 years ago; I got a Cuban college degree in Special Education. Being a college student was a very nice and demanded experience in my life. Now I am taking college classes again. The experience is different because I got older, but it still being great. If I would have to say which one of these colleges is better, I could not give an exact answer. However, there is something that I can strongly affirm; going to college in the U.S is quite different from going to college in Cuba. The first difference between going to college in the U.S and going to…show more content…
In the U.S, college students have full access to Internet which makes easy the search of information. They can access to Internet from their homes, colleges, or phones. Also, every college has big libraries, which are generally open from seven A.M to ten P.M. In addition to college’s libraries, there are many local libraries always stocked with a big amount of books which are often new editions. Full access to internet and enough amount of good libraries give to students the most actual information about topics that they matter. Although the amount of assignments to accomplish is not so different for students in both countries, the facilities for accomplishing these assignments is very different. First of all, students in Cuba do not have access to Internet. Only few students can access to Internet from their parents’ works, but the time they can spend on the web is limited. Moreover, libraries in Cuba are a big problem. Colleges’ libraries are often very small, so the amount of books does not met students’ necessities and expectations, and its schedule is from eight A.M to five P.M. Also, community libraries are insufficient and poorly stocked. I was so lucky because I lived near the Cuba’s National Library. This is, at least for me, the only library where a student can find whichever he or she needs in matter of information and actualization. Therefore, college students in Cuba do not have

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