Difference Between A Lockean Labour Theory Of Property

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For my paper I am going to focus on the differences between a Lockean labour theory of property and what I will refer to as a force theory of property. I will attempt to show that not only does a Lockean labour theory have significant problems when applied to cases that a force view of property does not have but also that even if you want to defend various liberal principles in the natural rights tradition you can also do so using a force theory of property.

What is force theory? Force theory I will define as your property is limited to that which you can defend. If by might makes right you mean might makes rightful claim the idea is similar phrase to force theory. If by might makes right you mean might make moral right this is not the same claim. Though it is subtle distinction force theory can and often has been interpreted more along the lines of the latter then the former which is harder to justify. To start my essay I will lay out the simplest version of force theory as to make it coherent and different from other similar frameworks.

As for labour theory I am primarily going to focus on chapter 5 of The Second Treatise of Government by Locke being that it is the most famous description of labour theory and also is the one I am most well acquainted with. If I get stuck on labour theory I may refer to external sources to strengthen the Lockean view but I think his view is strong enough to work from.

For the critiques, having gone over Locke in many other classes I

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