Difference Between A Resting Heart Rate

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This experiment was conducted to see, what is the difference between a resting heart rate in girls and boys compared to their scared heart rate. What was done to test the variable (heart rate) was I got each person in a room alone and they watched a video (“YouTube”). They were told that it’s a slide show of different videos, because most people said, "there 's going to be a pop up". In the video that was shown to them is a picture of a cat and it is on the screen for about 30 seconds then a scary woman screaming pops up. The results concluded that the majority of people’s heart rates went down. Going against the hypothesis stated. Introduction Nearly 100,000 beats per day, or about 37 million beats per year; most of the time you are unaware that your heart does this (“WebMD”). The question is, what is the difference between your resting heart rate, compared to your scared heart rate. For the age group tested (12-16 year olds) their healthy heart rates could vary between 70 and 100 beats per minute. The importance of this project is knowing if you are “pushing” yourself too hard, and to know if certain things trigger unhealthy problems, like horror movies. The hypothesis stated is, if you scare a person from a resting heart rate to a scared heart rate their heart rate will increase because adrenaline is released into the blood. In addition, heart rates vary according to exercise, physical needs, age, gender, air temperature, etc. In this experiment the dependent variable
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