Difference Between A Successful And Unsuccessful Agency

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Criminal Justice administrators know the difference between a successful and unsuccessful agency is an effective management system. Agency staff must provide and complex offender records as well as update information to multiple sources. Therefore, the system must encourage the staff to utilize the system, must provide an easy to use interface, in addition to easy access, so that the agency staff can enter data in a timely manner. Also, agency managers need to trust the data that the system generates. The user interface must reflect how the cases move through the agency correctly. In a nutshell, information systems in criminal justice agencies need to look very simple, yet performance very high-tech. Information systems in community correction agencies are particularly complicated and place difficult demands on system designers. Offenders frequently change residences, and employers, in addition hardly stay in contact with family members and friends. As correctional agencies move into a new era in community supervision, a new information system was introduced. The new information system was designed to enable electronic cases management, rather than entering time consumer data entry. The Supervision Management and Automated Record Tracking (SMART) system merges case management functions with emphasis on performance in the agencies. A new hand held type of the new SMART system will allow officers in the field to enter real time data and also have access to case records on the
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