Difference Between Abraham Maslow And Carbraham Maslow

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INTRODUCTION Carl Ransom Rogers was an American psychologist. He was one of the founders of the Humanistic approach to psychology. He was born on January 8, 1902. His father was a civil engineer while his mother was a homemaker. He had five siblings and he was the fourth one. Originally, he planned to study agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with an undergraduate focus on history and religion. In school, his interests shifted away from agriculture and toward religion. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1924, he entered a liberal Protestant seminary in New York City. Rogers spent two years in seminary before transferring to Columbia University Teachers College. He received his master’s in 1928 and a Ph.D. in clinical…show more content…
Maslow fully acknowledges the self-actualization of individuals to their very self. However, Rogers does not credit the individual only for self-actualization but emphasize the necessity of the environment especially through genuineness, and acceptance of others that result in a condition for growth. For the fully functioning person, Dr. Salvatore R. Maddi said that the "maladjusted person" is the polar opposite of the fully functioning individual. The maladjusted individual is defensive, maintains rather than enhances his or her life, lives according to a preconceived plan, feels manipulated rather than free, and is common and conforming rather than creative. The fully functioning person, in contrast, is completely defence-free, open to experience, creative and able to live a good life. Congruence is when you are “all of a piece”, when how you are feeling on the inside matches what you are presenting on the outside. Whether you are congruently agreed or disagreed, you are fully committed to what you are doing. Incongruence is a signal of an out of awareness conflict when there is a difference between what is actually happening inside you and how you are presenting yourself to the world. It is fundamental for many presenting symptoms and unresolved
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