Difference Between Abstract And Abstract Nature Photography

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A study into landscape photography versus abstract nature photography

This is an investigation into the comparison between landscape and abstract nature photography itself and through photographer's work. Landscape photography tends to show vast amount of space around the world, an almost un-ending amount of space, which looks quite microscopic. I see landscape photography capturing the beautiful presence of nature, focusing on the rare man-made features, which also concentrates on the disturbances of landscapes. On the other hand, abstract photography produces a character of its own from its patterns and shapes to its structure and texture.

This essay will be exploring some of the most realistic, bold, landscape photography against the more dreamlike, sensual, abstract nature photography, which will question whether these images are actually portraying reality or do they go beyond this idea? Another prime issue is whether or not the beautiful landscapes are manipulated to enhance the beauty of the photographs? This issue of manipulation may also occur with the abstract photography, in order to increase the dreamlike effect.

In this study, I will be investigating four photographers: Ansel Adams, Karl Blossfeldt, Robert Mapplethorpe and Adam Burton. I have chosen these photographers as their work consists of
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This is a print making process where a plate of copper is layered with a small gelatine tissue, which is light sensitive and is exposed to a film positive. The plate at this staged is then etched and hand printed. At the end of the process, you are left with high quality prints, with the detail and various tones of a photograph reproduced as well as popular for stability and richness. This makes us wonder whether Blossfeldt took these images to portray their natural beauty at the highest level or were they manipulated in order to make them into something which they are not,

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