Difference Between American And European Culture

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American and European cultures seem similar; both cultures have roots coming from Greek and Roman philosophy, most Americans have heritage tracing back to Europe, and the United States and Europe have extremely close diplomatic ties. In fact, these diplomatic ties span over the course of more than a century. However, in reality American and European cultures are extremely distinctive; they differ in both trivial matters, such as food or music, to more greater and important elements, such as how much autonomy each culture believes the individual should have in society. In essence, Europeans believe individuals should be able to rely on the state to protect their wellbeing, while Americans believe that it is up to the individual to ensure their own prosperity. Basically, American culture can be simply defined as being more individualistic than European culture. Furthermore, more Americans believe that religion, in particular Protestantism, is extremely important in their daily lives than Europeans. Thus, the reason why American culture is more individualistic than European culture is because of the immense influence Protestantism exerted on early American culture.
Individualism is a very misunderstood topic; many people view it negatively, believing that individualism breeds egoism, narcissism, and selfishness in humans. However, individualism as a social concept is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the “A social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over

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