Difference Between American And French Revolution

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American and French Revolution When the situation in France was not getting any better the French people did the what anyone else would which was to start a revolution. The American's had already done it so the French knew they could do it. The American Revolution held from 1765 through 1783. From this revolution the Declaration of Independence rose, as the American colonist wanted freedom they obtained it by revolving against the British. When the government and economy wasn't doing very well in France the french decided to revolve against their government. From 1789 to 1790 we see the events of the French Revolution. The Declaration of Rights of Man came from this revolution. Through these two revolution we have gotten two important pieces …show more content…

This was adopted by the National Constituent Assembly. This was written to show all the rights of man that the French people deserved. The point of the writing of this document was because the French people did not have a lot of right in the ruling of King Louis XVI. The overspending of the queen and the fact that the people had rags as clothes the people got mad. So the french rebelled against their government. They behead the king and queen and took over. Which from this the Rights of Man were created. These two document have a lot of thing in difference and a lot of things alike. Some of the things they differ is that the were like the pursuit if happiness which America with their citizens. America also wanted to be a different and lost the rule of king. While in France they separated into classes and wanted the treatment in courts. Even if these difference they have similarities like wanting equality for men, and also wanting to change the situation in their country. Thr main thing is that they both created a revolution and brought peace and prosperity to their new

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