Difference Between Ancient Greece And Modern Society

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Citizenship is an important factor to view a government, and is what determines the rights and responsibilities of the citizens that are ruling subjects of the government. Citizenship in Rome, Greece, and modern society have similar aspects, but also vary amongst each other. The main aspects of citizenship are standards to become citizens, and the responsibilities, and rights of the citizens. Citizens are entitled to many rights and protection from the government. However, not everybody were able to become citizens in one country to enjoy the rights in one country. In Athens, citizens must be male, at least 18 years old, and born of Athenian parents. Women and slaves, the larger portion of the population, however, did not enjoy such rights as the citizens. Slaves took up a very large…show more content…
government—like Greek democracy—people also had the right to vote for president elections. People were also picked randomly to take part in the jury. However, like Roman Republic, the U.S. government structure are separated into the legislative, judicial, and executive branch. 100 senates and the house of representatives also vote on and made laws on behalf of the citizens. In return, the government provided certain rights toward citizens, as they were under the protection of the government. In Greece and Rome, citizens were entitled to government protection. In modern society, citizens also enjoy similar rights such as medical and health care provided by the government. They were also protected by the government. For example, if a Chinese citizen goes to the U.S and becomes arrested, the government would try to protect that person from any legal punishments by the U.S. government. Citizens in Rome, Greece, and modern society all enjoy certain rights and are all entitled to certain responsibility in these countries, as they also differ from each other in the standards to become citizens, and the responsibilities and rights of the
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