Difference Between Architecture And Gothic Architecture

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Architecture can be considered a piece of art. Buildings are the primary sources of civilisation. Evidence of Building activity wherever people have lived. It is an expensive to build such fine buildings, so you needed the backing of wealth and power. The buildings of less money to build did not last as long as the more expensive ones. Unlike art architecture has to look well as well as being practical. The art of building in stone had to be lerant from scratch. In gyptian and other ancient civilisations, architecture was a secret art.
The gothic style is different to the romanesque style as it has pointed arches instead of a round arch. It used the buttress system instead of big walls which are self supporting and walls with loads of windows instead of thick walls with small narrow windows.
Gothic architecture can also be called pointed architecture, it gets its names from the point at te top of the archs. It is orginally from france. The name gothic was given to it by an Italian art critic Geoggio Vasari. Vasari used tge
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Galleries, with quadrant arches or buttress walls concealed below their roofs, contined to be used, and the same was done whenever this new member was added to earlier buildings in order to improve their stability. The need to make the windows bigger sprang not only from the wish to improve the lighting but also from the enjoyment of stained glass and it let the soft light of the stain glass to the inside of the building. This diminution of light nessitated larger windows and these again needed more stained glass, the two factors mutally stimukate one another. At the same time the glass of the stained glass, seen on the inside, took on the character of actual wall a result of the acceptance of the Gothic relief. Seen from the outside this effect is even more eye catching because the glass is covered with a silver-grey shine. (Crossley
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