Difference Between Aristotle And Confucius

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This essay is a comparison of two great thinkers, Aristotle and Confucius with regards to the concept of good ethical character and conduct or virtue. Apparently, Aristotle and Confucius had varied views regarding humanity. However, even with their diverse perspectives, both have had considerable influence in philosophy in general and in their respective countries in particular. To be able to make the comparison of their view on virtue, this essay will analyze these thinkers’ respective classical writings concerning the concept of morality. That said this comparison progresses as follows. Before this essay progresses further, it is essential that both virtue and the philosophers be put into perspective. Apparently, Aristotle hailed from Greece, more specifically, Macedon. He had great ideologies on logic, science, and virtue, which influenced the philosophy of the world. Confucius hailed from China and was a politician, a teacher and a philosopher at the same time. As great philosophers, both Aristotle and Confucius have addressed the subject of moral thinking and have similar opinions with regards to the concept of virtue. Talking about morality, Confucius uses the word “Jen” (Angle, Slote & Chen, 2013) to mean virtue while Aristotle uses the word “arête” also to mean virtue. Apparently, the essence of these two philosophers coming up with their philosophies regarding morality was to guide their followers and countrymen and women on the aspect of individual behavior. That
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