Difference Between Aristotle And Montaigne

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Aristotle and Montaigne are two different philosophers, Aristotle is ancient philosopher while Montaigne is a modern philosopher. Aristotle believes friendship occurs between virtuous people and the goal is to help one another reach their absolute best. Montaigne believes a friend is another self resulting from a fusion of wills. The main focus of this paper is to assess Montaigne’s philosophy and Aristotle’s philosophy on their view of love and judge which view of love is more convincing to a reasonable human being. Between Aristotle and Montaigne, Montaigne’s view of love is more convincing to a reasonable human being because friendship is more complex and complicated than categorizing friendship into different levels.

Aristotle’s view of love is philia, while on the other hand Montaigne’s view of love is pragma. Philia is the deep comradely friendship about showing loyalty and pragma is the deep understanding between two people. Montaigne strongly believes friendship should be an unconstrained product of will, while Aristotle uses a rather categorical approach to friendship, utility, pleasure, and virtue. By making strict delineations and then using examples, he establishes a rather strict definition of friendship that is created along lines of social class. He argues, among other things, that friendship must be between similarly virtuous men of equal standing. In addition, the purest form of friendship, and the one that Aristotle considers the only genuine friendship,
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