Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

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Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence
In addressing the differences between AI and human intelligence, one must have a cogent and accurate definition of intelligence. By definition, there is no real difference between true AI and intelligence, as it is only intelligence that is ‘man-made’ and has the ‘ability to learn and change itself’ (Oxford, 2013). The major difference between AI and human intelligence is that human intelligence is the original form while AI is an attempt to improve or model it. As explained by multiple experts, ‘Human intelligence is the beginning while AI is the end.’ (TTC, 2014). Human intelligence is a natural form of nature and AI is an artificial form produced from the natural form/s of nature.
Risks of AI: How can AI be dangerous?
Over time, one interested in the global phenomenon known as AI has contemplated upon or have been told the possible dangers that AI carries. However are these assumptions realistic at all, or is this a mere stereotypical or fictitious thought overall? Despite, the ‘end of the world’ assumptions as exemplified by many of the sci-fi films on screens today, most researchers do agree that a superintelligent AI could deliver danger (theguardian, 2015). It is worth noting that AI is unlikely to exhibit human qualities such as emotions, hence, there should be no reason to expect AI to possibly be capable of becoming intentionally benevolent or malevolent. However, experts have come to conclusion on…
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