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Marketing: Differences Between B2B and B2C Linicha Hunter University of Phoenix EBUS 400 E-Business Dr. Hee Lee September 27, 2006 Marketing: Differences Between B2B and B2C Marketing allows organizations to promote their products or services with the intent of maximizing their profit and gaining consumers ' confidence. In today 's society marketing the correct product/service can be difficult but implementing the marketing process and planning accurately can alleviate potential obstacles. This week 's paper will discuss the meaning of marketing, define business to business (B2B), define business to consumer (B2C), and compare how marketing differs between B2B/B2C websites. Marketing According to Warholic,…show more content…
The value of the relationship in B2B is maximized whereas B2C the value of transaction is maximized. In B2B the target market is smaller compare to B2C, which has a large target market. The purchasing aspect in B2B is a multi-step process whereas in B2C the purchasing process is a single step. For example, if a consumer wanted to purchase a book for Amazon.com the only thing they would have to do is click on the shopping cart to add the item to the cart, once that was done the purchasing screen is displayed which allows the consumer to purchase the book. This is not true with a B2B website because the funding for the same book has to be authorized through many channels before the purchasing process can be completed. According to Murphy, "B2C companies employ more merchandising activities like coupons, displays, store fronts (both real and Internet) and offers to entice the target market to buy" (Murphy, 2006, para. 6). For example, the goal of an email campaign for a B2C company is to get consumers to buy the product immediately to make this process as short as possible, so the email navigates consumer to a landing page on the web site that is designed to sell the product and make purchasing very easy by integrating the shopping cart and checkout page into the flow of the transaction (para. 6). Other differences are the sales cycle, brand identity; educational/awareness building activities (B2B) concept, merchandising /point of purchase activities (B2C)

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