Difference Between Chinese Culture and Western Culture

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Intercultural Communication and the Conflicts between Chinese Culture and Western Culture Abstract There are many matters of cultural conflicts in intercultural communication of Chinese culture and western culture, and it seriously affects the course of communication. So, it is necessary for us to find the in-depth reason and make some plans on how to improve the ability of intercultural communication. This is the right way to avoid the cultural conflicts. There are several culture conflicts: the conflicts on privacy, the conflicts on the sense of time, the conflicts on traditional cultures, the conflicts on table custom. The reasons are: the difference in the mode of thinking, the difference in behavior, the difference in the concept of…show more content…
B. The conflicts on the sense of time The sense of time of western people is closely related with money. The idea that Time is money has formed in their thought. So, they set a high value on their time. In the daily time, western people have a meticulous plan about their time and they have a good habit of coming to date on time. In western countries, if you want to call on someone, you must inform them or date with them before you come and you should tell them your coming purpose, the time and the place. After both of you discuss about it, you can make it out. But, Chinese people use their time at their pleasure. Usually, Chinese people will not do things as the western people, and western people usually feel unsuitable on this course. Most western people spend their time in working and studying, they seldom spend a lot time in eating or doing something else. But Chinese people spend much time on other things. For example, when western people come to KFC to have a meal, they eat their food as soon as possible, but, the Chinese people in KFC show another situation. They eat their food slowly and chat with each other. They do not think this is a way to waste time. C. The conflicts on traditional cultures Chinese people pay special attention to modesty. When they communicate with others, they often respect others but look down upon themselves. They think this is a virtue and this is a polite phenomenon with Chinese characteristics. When others praise
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